Existing Customers Learning Journey

Each of the following stages are mandatory and must be completed in order to progress to the next stage.

Welcome Video

An introductory video to ensure readiness for the Learning Journey.

Difference Videos

A series of videos that compare and contrast the differences in system navigation and layout between Autoline Rev8 and Autoline Drive, as well as providing an overview of the new tools within the Learning Journey.

Test 1 – Knowledge Competency

Test 1 is a Knowledge Competency test carried out via eTesting. The test presents you with a series of scenarios that must be completed using the simulated Autoline Drive System. This will help establish how much knowledge can be transferred from Autoline Rev8 and which areas require a brush-up on eLearning.

Test 2 – Go-Live Competency

Test 2 is a Go Live Competency test carried out via eTesting. The test is a series of exercises and scenarios to ensure all users have the skills required at the time of deployment and will be comfortable, competent and ready for the system.

Process Driven eLearning

The next stage is to complete eLearning - a toolkit of interactive lessons based on role-specific tasks, both in and out of the DMS. This stage is optional – as users on this learning journey already have an understanding of how to use our software, you are able to choose freely which courses you wish to take to either update your skills or refresh knowledge.


Upon completion of Test 2, the employee will be certified to User level.

Post Go-Live eLearning or WebEx

Post go-live training is specifically for managers and teaches the skills required to take greater advantage of Autoline Drive, which are not specifically needed at the point of deployment.

Job Role

Test 3 is a Post Go-live Competency test and upon completion the employee will be certified to a Professional Level.


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