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Vehicle distributors, importers and exporters operate in an ever-changing and challenging market and more than ever rely on their IT partners to help drive efficiencies and increase profits throughout their business. For over 30 years, CDK Global has provided functionally—rich and flexible solutions specifically developed for this business sector.

CDK Global has a proven track record of working with manufacturers and distributors in over 25 countries, representing most of the world’s volume and specialist brands. The CDK Global Importer Management System (IMS) is fully scalable, to meet the demands of manufacturers and their subsidiaries, large and small private distributors and enterprise groups.

IMS supports businesses as diverse as passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, marine and component manufacturers and suppliers.

CDK Global has the proven experience of delivering “Best in Class” across the importer / exporter sector at a global level and using innovative and technical expertise.

If you require further information about CDK Global IMS or wish to discuss specific requirements please contact CDK Global : dsi_imsinfo@cdk.com

  • Conduct business more easily – Simply and quickly place and track vehicle orders, manage parts supply and process warranty claims through the web based dealer portal
  • Improve supply chain management – Gain end-to-end visibility of vehicle pipelines and stock inventory throughout the supply chain
  • Increase warranty process control – Streamline the warranty network claim process and achieve tighter claim controls to help reduce costs
  • Maximise efficiencies – Speed up the receipt and dispatch of parts using wireless handheld scanners to help to reduce workloads
  • Stay in control of costs – Easily manage costs with the integrated financial controls and accounting functionality
  • Enhance decision making – Easy access to information and key performance indicators
  • Increase profitability – Reduce user workload with greater business and asset control
  • DMS integration – Increase operational efficiency through integrated and streamlined processes

Modular system 
The CDK Global Importer Management System (IMS) is a modular solution based around the Autoline Dealer Management System (DMS) and with specific import, export and distribution functionality. The IMS Vehicles module provides full visibility of ordering and delivery pipeline, plus flexible tools to manage dealer incentives and rebates. The Parts Logistics and Warehousing modules support integrated handheld scanners. The Warranty Claim Control module provides claim validation with full control of goodwill costs and recall campaigns. In addition, CDK Global IMS fully integrates with the standard Autoline DMS, if required.

Factory integration
CDK Global IMS incorporates extensive factory interfaces and supports electronic ordering, invoices, master data for vehicles and parts, and warranty claim processing.

Web-based distributor and dealer portal
The web-based portal provides online real-time parts pricing and availability, vehicle stock availability, ordering and tracking, warranty processing and management for distributors and dealers.

Vehicle tracking and logistics
Gain complete visibility of vehicle orders, delivery pipeline and stock inventory from a single configurable display. Vehicle master data is stored with multi-currency and multi-country vehicle pricing. High volume vehicle sales pushed to the market or unit sales from free stock are supported.

Export sales and distribution
Distribution of vehicles and parts is supported with integration to shipping companies and customs control.

Warranty management
Importers are provided with the claim controls and validation checks to meet factory standards to minimise warranty differential costs.

Parts Distribution
Sales order processing, inventory management, warehouse management and logistics, supported by wireless scanning, handles goods receipt, binning, warehouse movements, picking, packing and despatch. Parts distribution caters for bonded and non-bonded warehouse and stock and cost FIFO management.

CRM with integrated telephony
A centralised CRM database with customer, company and vehicle records caters for the total market sector. Additional tools include scripted customer contact management with integrated telephony, email or SMS campaign facility and CSI feedback and scoring.

Business Support
A fully integrated accounting module allows you to remain up-to-date with your financial position and performance. The report creation tool or third party data extract provide you with the key figures required to make informed business decisions. CDK Global IMS supports global operations with double byte or Cyrillic character options and supports multi—franchise, multi—currency and multi—country businesses.

*Please note: specifications and services described may vary dependent on software version and market availability.


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