Cloud Hosting (HSP)

The Cloud. Everyone's talking about it,
but what could it mean for your dealership?

Why are businesses turning to the cloud?

Cloud computing is a new way for companies to manage their IT function. There can be a lot of work in running your business applications on site, such as server maintenance, upgrades and back up plans – so many organisations are now looking for a better way to run their business.

Enter the cloud

Instead of managing all your IT applications yourself, you can let a cloud hosting company take the strain and run them from a secure data centre. Your Dealer Management System (DMS) can also be hosted in the cloud, making IT headaches and maintenance a thing of the past.

Introducing Cloud Hosting (HSP)

CDK Global Cloud Hosting has been developed with your dealership in mind. It is the only platform that has been completely customised to host your CDK Global Dealer Management System (DMS).

Key benefits

HSP Reliability Never worry about down time again; your DMS data will always be right there when you need it.
HSP Security Your data is accessed via a secure, private network – with access controls in place.
HSP Disaster Recovery (DR) Your customer data is always copied to a secure off-site location, so in case of an emergency your system can be restarted quickly from another site.
HSP Predictable Monthly Costs No more budgeting for new servers, upgrades or breakdowns – just one predictable, manageable monthly cost.
HSP Technical Support If you have any questions, you’re in expert hands. We allocate a single point of contact with specialist knowledge for all your DMS needs.

Explore the benefits

Why Cloud Hosting (HSP) for your Dealer Management System?

CDK Global has over twenty years’ experience in providing DMS hosting to dealerships across the globe. We now manage more than 225,000 DMS users from our ten strategically located data centres.

We maintain the highest level of security at our hosting campuses and also have built-in provisions for disaster recovery. This means that we can confidently operate a Service Level Agreement that provides 99.5% uptime.


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CDK Global Cloud Hosting: Always available, completely secure.

With Cloud Hosting (HSP) you can free up your valuable time to focus on your dealership and let CDK Global focus on looking after your DMS. You will never need to buy another DMS server, manage another upgrade or attempt to recover from a systems outage by yourselves again.

You will no longer need to worry about:


Never worry about lost data again

Data Backup

Your DMS data is critical to your business. CDK Global ensures your data is backed up automatically on a routine schedule and copied to a secure, off site location.

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Peace of mind when it matters most

Data Security

CDK Global takes data security seriously; all access is controlled, logged and restricted to authorised personnel via a monitored system.

We have a balance of proactive and reactive systems in place at our data centres, to ensure we are alerted and can respond to threats.
Systems include:

  • Redundant cooling systems.
  • Advanced fire and flood detection systems.
  • Resilient power supply systems.
  • CCTV, intruder alarms and ID card access.

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Grow your business, without the IT headaches

Resource & Scalability

Why pay for unnecessary resource or upgrade costs?

When your dealership is ready to expand, simply add more users with Cloud Hosting (HSP).
We make sure that all the necessary skills and resources are available to look after your DMS and your data.

Benefit from:

  • ‘Per user’ model only pay for the number of users you need
  • Resource added as required by new application versions.
    Resource is available for your DMS today and in the future

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Ensure maximum uptime for your dealership

Disaster Recovery

CDK Global Cloud Hosting (HSP) operates a Service Level Agreement to ensure maximum uptime for your dealership
We maintain our high uptime using proven, reliable and best of breed equipment managed by highly skilled and experienced personnel.

  • Up to 99.5% service availability.
  • Disaster recovery plans to ensure we can recover your system.
  • Data backed up to secondary data centre in the event of a major failure at our primary data centre.

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See why our customers chose CDK Global Cloud Hosting

Meteor GroupMeteor Group Plc Take control of their IT with Cloud Hosting (HSP)
Meteor Group Plc took the decision to outsource the group’s Autoline server and applications to CDK Global. Simon Miles, Company Secretary of Meteor, was instrumental in this decision and three years on, shares the reasons for his decision and the outcome.

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Great CentralGreat Central Vauxhall protect their data and servers using Cloud Hosting (HSP)
In 2009, Great Central suffered a major server memory failure followed by a collapsed backup system, resulting in the permanent loss of five days worth of Dealer Management System (DMS) data. This provoked Great Central to approach CDK Global about hosting their key systems, including the Autoline DMS and Print Manager application in one of CDK Global's dedicated data centres. Now, Great Central has 'peace of mind' that their business critical systems and data are in safe hands and there is no chance of a repeat of their earlier data disaster.

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Do you see the value in disaster recovery?

Dealers are solely responsible when hosting a server on site. Should you lose access to your Dealer Management System, it’s up to you to fault find and bring the dealership back online. Do you have the time and the knowledge to do this?

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The answer lies in the Cloud

When you are creating a quote for a customer or booking a service you expect your DMS to be available and working so why would you rely on a single point of failure i.e. a single server in your dealership?

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Forward thinking or left behind?

Your DMS is a critical system to the running of your business, it affects all areas of the dealership and unplanned downtime, for any reason, will have a hugely negative effect, could lose you business and may result in bad publicity.

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Top 5 best practises to look after your DMS server

There are still dealers who choose to operate their own DMS servers within their dealerships over moving to the Cloud, but it doesn’t matter where your server sits, you still need to look after it!

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Should you move your DMS to the cloud?

Many leading dealers are moving their DMS to external hosting, so it’s a good time to think about the strategy that’s best for you.

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Hosting vs own server

It is a common misconception that choosing a hosted solution is more expensive. However, if you are maintaining your own servers, there are many other factors to consider when calculating the real cost. It’s not just the expense of the hardware.

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