Autoline Drive Showroom

Give your sales people every chance of winning the deal, every time.

A consistent approach to a sales process in a dealership can make a big difference to how many sales your team win or lose. Autoline Drive Showroom uses simple, intuitive screens to guide your sales people through the customer’s journey with your dealership and captures all the information they need. Out on the forecourt or in the showroom, access several Showroom tools from a mobile tablet device to provide a better retail experience.

The Modern Car Buyer's journey through your dealership

  1. Meet and Greet

    Your sales team should step up to meet a prospective customer in the showroom, instead of nodding from behind a desk. Showroom is compatible with mobile and tablet devices, so your team can capture key details whilst they walk around with them.

    Perhaps this customer had been previously researching online and had made an appointment to come for a test drive? No problem. Rather than ask them all their information again, lookup their CRM record on the tablet using their number plate- and greet them by name when they walk through the door.

  2. Qualify

    To create the best offer for the customer, it’s important for the sales team to listen, really listen, when they are telling you what they want. What are their key buying priorities? Do they need room for three kids and a boot for the dog, or a little sporty number for zipping around town?

    Autoline Drive Showroom has an easy to use interface that helps them capture the all information they need to build a compelling offer later on. They can gather notes on the customer’s lifestyle, who is involved in the decision making and even the name of the dog, if it helps! If your sales people are successful in building a strong relationship at this early stage in the process, they will reap the benefits when it comes to presenting the deal.

  3. Vehicle Selection

    The customer may have visited your dealership with a vehicle already in mind, or they may be open to suggestions. Either way, if your Sales team did a good job in the qualify stage; they will have all the information they need to select and show a few cars that meet their customer’s requirements.

    Showroom has a customer facing screen designed for exactly this reason, which can show 3 vehicles in a side by side comparison mode – so the customer can easily evaluate how each of them matches up against their main buying criteria. Why not do this out on the forecourt or inside their desired vehicle?

  4. Trade in

    When it’s time for the customer to discuss their trade in, Showroom lets you record vehicle condition on a tablet device and can then show important information about vehicle desirability, to help the assessor determine the right price to offer. Involve your customer as you walk around their vehicle and take photos of the vehicle condition.

  5. Finance

    When it comes to helping the customer choose the Finance option that’s right for them, Showroom helps your customers compare deals from different lenders. At this stage, the sales team can also view the customer’s previous sales history, so they know if they’re likely to buy items such as extra insurance. Having this information to hand is key to making more profit from every sale.

  6. Presentation and Close

    Show the customer everything they need to know and make sure your sales people are equipped to adjust the deal on the fly and do what it takes to win the business. This screen has also been designed to be customer facing and shows total cost, monthly payments, finance terms and the key benefits such as fuel efficiency or cheaper insurance.

    Within this display, the deal can be adjusted and customised to suit any customer objections or queries. The sales team can even add any accessory sales here, to really maximise the deal value.

  7. Handover

    Your customer needs to know you care, even after the sale. They will be really disappointed if the level of customer care falls short after they hand over their hard earned cash! So make sure your team pay just as much attention to the vehicle handover. You don’t want to ruin a good impression by forgetting to stay in touch whilst they wait, or worse still, neglecting to organise something simple, like the road tax.

    Showroom automatically generates a handover appointment for an available slot and controls the number of handover appointments per day. Your sales people can use a handy checklist to make sure nothing is forgotten and the delivery schedule shows all the remaining tasks, to ensure an on time and problem free handover.

Autoline Drive Showroom creates a sales process that gives your dealership every chance of success. Since it’s fully integrated into the Dealer Management System, there’s no more re-keying information from other software and no more lost opportunities. 

Stay ahead of the competition and give your sales team the edge with Autoline Drive Showroom.

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top features

  • A consistent approach to your sales process

  • Customer facing screens to help them reach a decision

  • Fully integrated with Autoline Drive, so no more re-keying information or lost opportunities

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