Autoline Drive Campaign Manager

It’s often said that it’s much easier to keep an existing customer than find a new one…. but who said you have to choose?

Maybe it’s time to make sure you’re doing both; by finding the best buyers and turning them into loyal advocates.

Potential customers have plenty of choice when they are looking for a new car, so you need to make sure that your business stands out from the crowd when they are doing their research. You can’t win the race if you don’t even make it to the starting line. 

Autoline Drive Campaign Manager is everything you need to manage your marketing communications. From demand generation, to effective enquiry management and right through to loyalty and retention – Campaign Manager is here to help you develop lasting and profitable relationships with your customers. 

The Sales Cycle

When it comes to marketing, it’s time to be proactive, because your sales teams deserve the best possible leads.

  1. Demand Generation

    If you rely on customers walking in to your showroom six months from now, then you will be six months too late.
    Generate demand for your sales teams by planning and executing campaigns using all marketing channels. HTML emails, telemarketing, SMS and more can be managed quickly and easily using Campaign Manager.

    The whole Marketing team can have visibility over customer communications, using the planner which shows a day-by-day view of campaign activity.  

    Plan your budgets and track your success with full return on investment reporting for every channel.

  2. Enquiry Management

    It’s the simple tasks like providing a fast response to enquiries and keeping your promises that helps attract buyers to your showroom.

    Campaign Manager uses automatic responses to manage inbound enquiries 24/7 and then follows your leads as they move through the sales process. Tasks are created in the Sales Person’s diary as soon as a new lead is received, to make sure the customers get a fast response- and that no leads are lost or missed.

  3. Ongoing Communication

    The modern car buyer takes their time to decide on the car (and the dealership) that’s right for them. Campaign Manager keeps you connected to your customer throughout their buying journey. Send follow up email campaigns with compelling offers to current leads, to make sure you’re front of mind whilst they are still considering your competitors.

    And after they have made their purchase, your new customers will notice if you're just as attentive after they buy as you were before. Make sure they're completely delighted with their car and with the sale process.

    It's so easy to make this happen; simply automate a follow up email to check they were happy with their experience. Make sure you act quickly to resolve any issues if they’re not.

The Aftersales Cycle

Leads aren’t just for your sales people; your service department deserves them too! Customers also have plenty of choice when it comes to their vehicle maintenance. You need to stay in touch before they have a chance to think about going elsewhere.

  1. Demand Generation

    Make sure you're the front of mind for all their servicing needs. Use integrated marketing campaigns to get bookings and maximise your workshop utilisation. Proactively remind them with emails or SMS when their service is due, to make the most of every opportunity.

  2. Ongoing Communication

    After a customer has their vehicle serviced, keep the lines of communication open. Automate a follow up email survey to check they were satisfied and agree follow up dates for deferred work.

    Campaign Manager can generate lists of opportunities based on outstanding amber work and these can be used as segments for email or calling campaigns*. It’s a great opportunity to check in with customers and make sure they don’t head to a competitor, simply because they haven’t heard from you.

    * Requires Call Manager

Autoline Drive Campaign Manager gives you the tools you need to stay connected to your customers, every step of the way. Find the best buyers and customise your communications to get them through your door. Stay in touch right the way through to the sale –and beyond.

Manage and plan your campaigns across every channel for a fully integrated approach. Measure the business impact with full ROI reporting, so you know what’s working and optimize your campaigns on the fly.  The right technology makes your marketing smarter, not harder.  

Customer interaction matters. Don’t get left behind.

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Campaign Manager
top features

  • Plan and manage your marketing campaigns

  • Full return on investment campaign reporting

  • Automated tasks in sales diaries to make sure no leads are lost

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