VHC Touch

Time is money. That’s a phrase every modern workshop is familiar with.

So to increase your aftersales revenue, you need to maximise the value of every interaction you have with your customers.

The latest mobile app from CDK Global - VHC Touch - is everything you need to increase the profitability of your Vehicle Health Checks, at the touch of a button.

Designed for mobile tablet devices, it guides Technicians and Service Advisors through the VHC process using the latest touch screen technology. The entire workflow can be completed on the tablet, including presenting a quote to your customers for their authorisation.

VHC Touch

Here are some great reasons to use VHC Touch:

  • Full DMS Integration: No more re-keying, VHC Touch automatically syncs with your DMS to update both the repair order and the CRM record.

  • Compatibility: VHC Touch can be used on any tablet device, including iPad and Android operating systems.

  • Ease of use: Pre-designed workflows can be created on the tablet device for service technicians to follow.

  • Secure more amber work: Create a quote using real time pricing information and labour rates from the DMS on the tablet screen.

  • E-signature technology: Allow the customer to authorise any work immediately and sign on the screen.

  • Improve Customer follow up: Set reminders to follow up with your customers about deferred work.

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The VHC Touch workflow:

VHC Touch Process

VHC Touch: Bring your workshop to the future

Using the latest touch screen technology, revolutionise the Vehicle Health Check (VHC) process in your workshop. This mobile app is everything you need to complete your customer’s VHC and is available on any tablet device, including both iPad and Android. 

VHC Touch has been created with efficiency and profitability in mind. The app is fully integrated with your Dealer Management System and the workflows can be customised to meet the needs of your dealership.
Everyone knows that VHC’s take time and only payback if a customer agrees to any necessary or amber work, so VHC Touch incorporates a customer-facing decision process to help you get authorisation right away.

VHC Touch

Full DMS integration

No more pens, no more paper – there is a better way.

Full integration with your Dealer Management System means big gains in VHC efficiency.

Use Parts, Labour and Menu items from the DMS to create an immediate & accurate quote for your customer on the tablet screen.

Complete integration also means the end of “re-keying” after completing a VHC. CDK Global VHC Touch syncs with your DMS to update both the repair order and the CRM record.

This has a big impact on how effectively you can manage deferred work.  With the CRM and vehicle record auto-updated, you can plan to follow up on outstanding upsell opportunities. Consider running a telemarketing campaign using both the call lists and scripts from the DMS, to maximise the opportunity from amber work.

When it comes to reporting, you need all the facts. VHC Touch reports on actual work sold, not just quoted.

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VHC Touch

Customer-facing decision process

E-signature technology for instant authorisation

No more print outs, no more waiting around – your customers can now see the outcome of their Vehicle Health Check, as well as an accurate quote for repairs on the screen. They can even authorise the work right away with the e-signature technology.

However, we know it’s not always so easy to get customers to agree to non-urgent work right away. That’s why VHC Touch has a screen dedicated to capturing follow up dates for any outstanding work. The CRM record and repair order are then updated with their decision.


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VHC Touch

VHC workflow and approval process

VHC Touch is designed to maximise technician efficiency.

Manage the needs of your workshop by configuring multiple types of VHC within one device, allowing technicians to simply choose the one they need, at the touch of a button.

Start off with the Vehicle Condition reporting, that can easily be carried out on the screen. Any damage can then be identified with date & time stamps.

During the check, any items that need attention can easily be marked with a Red, Amber or Green status. This includes tyre reporting, right down to tyre sizes & tread depths, which save against the vehicle record.

When it comes to pricing and approvals, the VHC can be paused and resumed at any time. This means that after a technician completes the check, a Service Advisor can pick up the report to create or authorise any customer quotes.

Finally, to make sure everyone is in the know – CDK Global VHC Touch automatically creates an Inter-department Communication to inform other departments of a pending VHC quotation.

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Product Demo Video - VHC Touch

To find out more about how VHC Touch can benefit your dealership, please watch the product demo video below

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