Mobile Service Technician

Mobile Service TechnicianSay goodbye to manual or centralised clocking (if you haven’t already)

Even for those workshops that have moved over to digital clocking, there are still challenges. One central clocking station can cause technician queues at busy periods, clocking inaccuracy, plus all the time wasted with technicians wandering across the workshop between jobs.  However, there is an easier way. Mobile Service Technician will help transform your workshop operations.

What is it?

Mobile Service Technician is a simple-to-use, real-time, integrated mobile workshop clocking system for Autoline Drive. It has been designed to make job clocking straightforward and reporting on it easy.  Accessed via a mobile tablet device, it can dramatically reduce the time your technicians spend clocking on and off jobs and away from their workshop bays.

Can you already do this?

Say you already have an electronic clocking system, is it fixed in once place which means that someone has the responsibility of making sure your technicians walk to and from the clocking station to be manually clocked on or off? Does this create a queue of technicians waiting to be clocked off and frantic job allocation? What if your controller gets behind, forgets to clock someone off or has a day off and a backlog builds up? How did you update the DMS? What if the customer calls for an update – can you tell them what is really happening? What is the knock-on effect in the rest of the dealership if any one of these things happen?

Mobile Service Technician integrates seamlessly with the Autoline Drive DMS and it is completely mobile. Your technicians no longer have to go back and forth to clock a job or raise an issue they can do it straightaway. They are responsible for their own time. If you want accuracy you need to use Mobile Service Technician.

Your workshop needs this, here’s why

    Unique logins - Quickly, easily and securely login to each device to clock individual jobs
    Technician assigned view - All technician assigned tasks can be viewed easily at the top of the technicians job screen
    Dynamic job filter - Quickly search and identify any non-assigned work orders from the full workshop job list using the job ID search function
    Single line clocking - Clock to each separate job within the work order to provide accurate clocking times, ideal for warranty jobs.
    Historical service view - Easily view the 10 most recent vehicle service history records for each vehicle on screen
    Intelligent time display - Five key time KPI indicators are displayed on screen during each job to provide technicians with a comprehensive real-time progress view
    Accurate KPI reporting - Workshop controllers can easily and accurately report on all workshop activity in real-time
    Live in-job pause - Live jobs can be paused to an idle code when required so the overall duration of the job clocked accurately.
    Simplified resource management - Accurately monitor the genuine profitability of workshop tasks by comparing time taken versus time allowed.
    Faster, accurate invoicing - Live integration with Autoline Drive speeds up the invoicing process as clocking durations are auto-calculated based on actual technician time.
    Minimal training - Simple set-up and minimal training means it is easy to quickly implement within a busy workshop.

Via BilerHendy Group
Hendy Group, a successful, family-owned business, is constantly looking at ways to improve its operations, particularly through the use of technology. However, technician job clocking and its perceived inaccuracy is one area that had proved frustrating.

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