The Customer Journey

Thanks to technology like the Internet, smart phones and social media, car buyers have more information and choice than ever before. Consumers have taken the wheel and they're not afraid to put their foot to the floor with this new-found power.

They're researching everything about your cars and prices and dealership before they ever step in your showroom. Their journey is not the old straight highway, but an unpredictable route that twists and turns as they gather information and evaluate their choices.

And even when you have acquired your new customer, are you doing everything you can to keep them? Any dealership that simply waves goodbye to a customer after their new purchase is missing a trick and practically kicking them into the arms of their competitors for next time around.

It’s never been more important to keep your customers engaged during their sales and service experience. In the Age of the Customer, the sales and aftersales cycle flow into each other. The relationship can't just be a "well, hello again" every four years; we need to look after our customers throughout what can be a lifetime journey with us.

This diagram is a step by step guide for how to deliver excellent customer service in your dealership, every step of the way.

Introducing The New Customer Journey:

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The long and winding road…

Welcome once again to the new Age of the Customer. Today's shopper is behind the wheel for a long road trip, not a short-hop commute. They know more, share more, and expect more than ever before.

The good news is, it's also a new age for dealers. You have new tools and new ways to server your customers and keep them happy. You have amazing new ways to reach them online and through emails and texts, along with the grand old mediums of television, radio and the handshake. You have better ways to care for their car and keep them informed after the sale.

And best of all, today those happy customers have a speaking platform they never had before. Give them a five-star experience and they will not only be back for more: they'll bring others with them.

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